The International Congress of Trauma (ICOTRAUMA 2021) aimed to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of the cutting-edge advances, methods and approaches to trauma. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Medical.






Top Speakers


Prof. Dr. Fevzi Toraman, M.D.

Acıbadem Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Şen, M.D.

University of Health Sciences, Trabzon Medical Faculty



Cutting-Edge Medical Advances

Participants will deep learn about emergency patient approach, perioperative period in emergency patient, intensive care unit follow-up, AED and USG usage for trauma patients, major posttraumatic complications, posttraumatic rehabilitation, among other selected topics.

Top Speakers

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  Day 1
  Openıng Remarks
  17:00 – 17:15 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speakers
17:00-17:15 Opening Remarks Ahmet Şen ve Fevzi Toraman
  Emergency Patıent Approach 17:15-18:55 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderators
17:15-17:25 Emergency Airway in Trauma David Moquin Zekeriya Alanoğlu and Justin G. Knittel
17:25-17:35 Discussion
17:35-17:45 Cranial Traumas Sidhu Manjaap
17:45-17:55 Discussion
17:55-18:05 Thoracic Traumas Christopher Murphy
18:05-18:15 Discussion
18:15-18:25 Abdominal Traumas Mitchel E. Fingerman
18:25-18:35 Discussion
18:35-18:45 Pelvic Traumas Jing Zhong
18:45-18:55 Discussion
  Perıoperatıve Perıod In Emergency Patıent 19:00-20:40 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderators
19:00-19:10 Anesthesia Preparation for the Trauma Patient Mustafa Süren Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türedi and Prof. Dr. Kemalettin Koltka
19:10-19:20 Discussion
19:20-19:30 Monitoring Methods Murat Çetin
19:30-19:40 Discussion
19:40-19:50 Fluid-Blood Replacement Serkan Yılmaz
19:50-20:00 Discussion
20:00-20:10 Imaging Methods Behlül Baş
20:10-20:20 Discussion
20:20-20:30 Regional Techniques in Trauma Patients Alper Kılıçarslan
20:30-20:40 Discussion
  Management Of Head And Spınal Cord Injurıes 20:45-22:05 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderator
20:45-20:55 Management of Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Yusuf Tunalı Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkıran
Assoc. Prof. Fethi Gül
20:55-21:05 Discussion
21:05-21:15 Mechanical Ventilator Management in the Trauma Patient Işıl Özkoçak Turan
21:15-21:25 Discussion
21:25-21:35 Hemodynamic Management in Trauma Sibel Temur
21:35-21:45 Discussion
21:45-21:55 CRUSH Damage and Kidney Support Treatments Alper Yosunkaya
21:55-22:05 Discussion
  Day 2
  Approach To Bleedıng And Coagulopathy In The Trauma Patıent (Satellıte Meetıng)
  17:30-18:00 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderator
17:30-17:50 Approach to Bleeding and Coagulopathy in the Trauma Patient Marc Maegel Prof. Dr. Fuat Saner
17:50-18:00 Discussion
  Usg Usage In Trauma Patıent (Satellıte Meetıng)
  18:00-18:20 PM GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderator
18:00-18:10 USG Usage in Trauma Patient Metin Yadigaroğlu Prof. Dr. Aslıhan Yürüktümen Ünal
18:10-18:20 Discussion
  Major Posttraumatıc Complıcatıons
  18:35-20:15 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderators
18:35-18:45 Vascular Complications Zerrin Pulathan Prof. Dr. Ferda Kahveci and Prof. Dr. Sema Turan
18:45-18:55 Discussion
18:55-19:05 Intraabdominal Complications Ali Fuat Kaan Gök
19:05-19:15 Discussion
19:15-19:25 Endocrine Complications Ahmet Eroğlu
19:25-19:35 Discussion
19:35-19:45 Nephrological Complications Abdülmecit Yıldız
19:45-19:55 Discussion
19:55-20:05 Cardiac Complications in Blunt Thorax Trauma Türkan Kutsioğlu
20:05-20:15 Discussion
  Advanced Monıtorıng In The Trauma Patıent (Satellıte Meetıng)
  20:20-20:40 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderator
20:20-20:30 Advanced Monitoring in the Trauma Patient Başar Erdivanlı Prof. Dr. Fevzi Toraman ve Prof. Dr. Remzi İşçimen
18:45-18:55 Discussion
  Posttraumatıc Rehabılıtatıon
  20:55-22:15 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speaker Moderators
20:55-21:05 Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Alp Karakaşlı Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akyol and Prof. Dr. Neslihan Alkış
21:05-21:15 Discussion
21:15-21:25 Musculoskeletal Trauma-Related Consequences Ender Erden
21:25-21:35 Discussion
21:35-21:45 Problems Related to Chronic Drug Use Dilek Toprak
21:45-21:55 Discussion
21:55-22:05 Analgesia Management in the Posttraumatic Process Fatih Özkan
22:05-22:15 Discussion
  Closıng Ceremony
  22:20-22:35 pm GMT+3

Time Presentation Title Speakers
22:20-22:35 Closing Ceremony Ahmet Şen, Fevzi Toraman, Süleyman Türedi, Oktay Demirkiran and Zekeriya Alanoglu

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