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Abbas Tokyay Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Prolongation of Preoperative Preparations in Geriatric Hip Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-N3MqwWmBWL5wA2BA?e=yI5uM3
Abdullah Özdemir Multi-disciplinary Management of Penetrating Thoracic Trauma!AtDcy8_lra6ig-N4_ytWewKInZJ5MA?e=N5qu53
Ahmet Emre Cinislioğlu Treatment Management of Patients Diagnosed with Bladder Injury Secondary to Pelvic Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-QGgYq_p_3l_9iJlA?e=eh2sLp
Alperen Zeynel Conservative Treatment Results in Acute Ulnar Collateral Ligaman Ruptures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-M_umOafJN7HTAZ9w?e=aUAS26
Asım Enes Özbek Detecting Intracranial Hemorrhage with Routine Repeat Head Imaging in Trauma Patients on Vitamin K Antagonists, Novel Anticoagulants or Antiplatelets!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NrkQ-ZinUd1i-5RA?e=Z9QQ3c
Ayşe Çeçen Retrospectıve Analysıs of Our Temporal Bone Fracture Case!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Ndp8-kTnYtM2UIFA?e=8uq7aV
Ayşe Hızal Individualized Pain Management for Rib Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NWA8mzHDMU-xMnMw?e=HTd28F
Batuhan Gencer Analyzing the Complications of Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures: Incidence, Risk Factors and Impact on Clinical Outcomes!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NScRfwNJ_0bPy4EA?e=IkLTVz
Bülent Kılıç Our Experience on Emergency Damage Control Surgery in Fatal Extremity Traumas!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Nhp2ytOUZxpm-Rsw?e=TLEAiK
Bünyamin Arı Mid-term Surgical Treatment Results in Patients with Trimalleolar Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-N8TnQS-sks-oQYoA?e=NONYvP
Cem Demirel Recovery Results of Patients with Brain Herniation Prevented by Decompressive Craniectomy!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NifwFh77WKeu6GHg?e=8XYIL8
Ceyhun Mürşit Birinci Alpine Skiing Injuries!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NxdwwcKjhtNWRuVQ?e=0Aur1h
Çiğdem Şimşek Trauma Associated with Firegun Injury!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NRVpAVXUybqtAS1g?e=JGd2nN
Demet Yavuz Depression and COVID-19 Fear Levels in Hemodialysis Patients!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NKywP9eCQa_Qwglw?e=mSZu5X
Emin Can Ata Investigation of Vascular Injury Incidence Among Extremity Trauma Patients!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NeivwSfY6ZSup-vw?e=LfJOv4
Emine Esra Ergül Evaluation of Osteoporosis in Patients over 45 Years Old with Distal Radius Fracture, Association with Fracture History and Body Mass Index!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NM-T-UguRmTXJ1zw?e=f68PSW
Erdem Şahin Proximal Femoral Nail Anti-Rotation versus Cemented Calcar-Replacement Hemiarthroplasty for Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture In Elderley: A Overall Survival Study!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NprF7tOTODOilWog?e=tr11mz
Erdem Şahin 2 Hair Tourniquet Syndrome: A Case Series and Review of The Literature!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NQg1lnpUWz2T3zHA?e=u0r3ZN
Gonca Sağlam Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Traumatic Tendon Injuries of the Hand and the Physical Therapy Prescription!AtDcy8_lra6ig-N2iZKfjltDBDx_ag?e=405Etk
Gökhan Ünver An Unusual Presentation of Gossypiboma Associated with Primary Infertility: A Case Report!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NUMoXyDKQKpqMDiA?e=BAkbbN
Görkem Yiğit Successful surgical intervention in traumatic carotid artery thrombosis after a motor vehicle accident!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NjYAD8w3EGpdmt4g?e=rLXvJM
Gül Çakmak Airway Management of a 7-year-old Patient with Tracheal Injury!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NCimVWyVhK9HYGIA?e=HDWHtu
Hüseyin Bayhan Does The Diameter of The Appendix Have a Role in The Preferred Stump Closure Method in Laparoscopic Appendectomy?!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NoGywdzke7omHYnw?e=1xea1L
İhsan Özdamar Early Results of Surgical Treatment of Elbow Terrible Triad Trauma; Could Early Accelerated Physiotherapy and Indomethacin Reduce The Complications?!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Nn-sZ7iHgwh_X4FA?e=LiTH5i
İlteriş Türk Management of Traumatic Pneumothorax: Evaluation of 83 Cases!AtDcy8_lra6ig-QCa4zrSCJiHto-rQ?e=IzsfOE
Kaan Alişar Evaluating the Provision of Medical Imaging in Severely Injured Patients in Emergency Departments: A Turkish Survey based on Royal College of Radiologists Standards!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NwmcQ2Nc8RPdiVKQ?e=LggLmG
Kamuran Uluç Amniotic Fluid Embolism with Sudden Cardiac Arrest During Cesarean Section!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NJr8v9GAZHaDifZw?e=GEWZdc
Mehmet Cenk Turgut Our Results of Percutaneous Screw Fixation for Unstable Scaphoid Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig-QFJ-MIsT7s6iQRUw?e=b5yXn4
Mehmet Emin Dada Case Report: Free Non-Vascularized Fibular Graft For Treatment Of Large Bone Defect Around Forearm!AtDcy8_lra6ig-N9EZ6XbezxeKb-wA?e=X8je9J
Mehmet Tahir Eski Epidemiological evaluation of eye traumas in Erzincan region!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NlkabR8r2n7IzX8g?e=3N1d6k
Mehtap Balcı Multitrauma Due to Tractor Accident: Case Report!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NVU6F843hWsViCXA?e=Of5NgC
Melek Bilgin Antimicrobial Resistance in Clinical Strains of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia ;10 years surveillance!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NDn4pF75RtB0b_yA?e=fgyvNK
Melih Çamcı Investigation of Pediatric Cases Brought to the Emergency Department due to Electric Shock!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NblHHUSI6PP116mA?e=sl23f7
Mert Karaduman Clinical Efficacy of Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Transverse K-Wire For Length-Saving Fixation in Fifth Metacarpal Base Fracture!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NZUJ4XFIolGFVIhg?e=h5W9ev
Murat Çetin Bibliometric Analysis of Contribution to Emergency Medicine Journals from Turkey between 2010-2020!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NgPalq5H4VAd44gg?e=dmsMdB
Murat Taşçı Two Case Reports on Diagnosis and Treatment of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst with Metacarp and Phalanx Insocation!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NX9iAVvmPZGbG4gg?e=r8CFYW
Mustafa Caner Okkaoğlu Quality of Life After Trochanteric Fractures in Elderly!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NYfwkgTQja9KWlDA?e=aGdKFQ
Nevin Esra Gümüş Factors Affecting Quality of Working Conditions of Operating Room Staffs!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NqhVM0DqyYwl6E5g?e=NxoDjy
Nida Nur Söğüt Knowledge Levels of Healthcare Employees About Glass Particle Contamination in Drug Ampoules and Using Filter Needles!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NNwORRx5vxQaSLyw?e=0xgBye
Nilay Çavuşoğlu Yalçın A Retrospective Analysis of 484 Cases with Motorcycle-Related Thoracic Injuries!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NInjG_DuJl7TNtPA?e=a3E5j1
Oktay Polat Treatment and Outcomes of Supracondylar Humerus Fracture in Covid-19 Pandemic!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NTN339z2R1PUJVfA?e=6iKABg
Ortaç Guran Inpatient Admission Times of Trauma Patients Requiring Orthopedic Surgery At An Emergency Department!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NLOC2xHkxqQM-UCw?e=CZ2cAp
Özay Subaşı Does Two Stage Surgery for Ankle Fractures with Dislocation Affects Functional Results?!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Na-U1NfyrodE29VQ?e=JaGmFC
Özlem Koyuncu Özyurt Respiratory Infections Among Patients with Trauma in Intensive Care Units!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NEKuZU4FibcR2HDA?e=EjiguR
Raghad Giuma Kordi Treatment of Trauma Induced Coagulopathy in a Pediatric Patient in The Absence of Viscoelastic Test: A Case Report!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Nv3MqeTx1cmurzFg?e=9sGj7g
Samet Erinç Evaluation Of Pediatric Pelvic Fractures: A 10-Year Experience of a Level-3 Trauma Centre!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Nfgp_OGJTdcKeMeA?e=VRECVY
Selim Görgün Necrotizing Fasciitis and Its Clinical Significance!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Nmk9ZD3wy163ugKw?e=DrylVT
Serap Samut Bülbül Perineal Ectopic Testes - A Rare Cause of Pediatric Surgery Empty Scrotum!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NOfPVXEsBxotq5hA?e=3byVqw
Serdar Toy Forearm Fractures and The Covid-19 Pandemic!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NAXeKGALik3qP7gg?e=1XUD6q
Sevda S. Akdeniz Retrospective Analysis of Trauma Patients in The Intensive Care Unit!AtDcy8_lra6ig-Ncbg9wie7qC8PuTQ?e=bQqvRt
Sinan Yavuz Examination of Demographic and Clinical Data of Pediatric Trauma Patients!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NyvMoGSyWJ0I_8_g?e=7URnox
Süheyla Kandemir Approach to Isolated Nasal Fracture in The Emergency Department Patients with Face Trauma!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NBByPFUUNczZuu6w?e=GCF63D
Tamer Coşkun Dorsal Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation Diagnosis and Treatment!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NHqFYpNpj2BRnURg?e=4TkXlk
Tayfun Aman A Rare Case : Anterior Approach to Adolescant Isolated Humerus Trochlea Shearing Fracture and Literature Review!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NkD62uBiwMMwlnMg?e=ItqdyP
Tuğçehan Sezer Akman Course of COVID-19 in Two Cases with Autoimmune Diseases!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NPbdQbA8Fsgfe8Xw?e=zvPRVi
Yavuz Çeçen The Intensive Care Unit during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period Trauma Patients and Outcomes!AtDcy8_lra6ig-NFowGqTPxTyWVd2g?e=rfmWgl